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Foxes Field Bed & Breakfast, Cheshire

BANDIT  R.I.P 27.02.2020

Bandit is a male cat with attitude. He joined us from a rescue centre when he was just 3 months old. Now approaching 15 years old he likes nothing more than to stretch out in the sun to warm his old bones. He now has a touch of arthritis and fluid on the heart but still purrs at the drop of a hat. Strangers don't phase him and he will happily accept a stroke.


Archie is a four year old male cat. We found him at the side of a country road, bedraggled and cold at the age of around 6 weeks. We think he may have been a kitten from a farm cat and had strayed off. Fed four hourly on cows milk he was eventually weaned onto cat food and has turned into a lovable but skittish cat. If he's sees a stranger he'll hide until they disappear. He likes to hide and play and unfortunately Bandit is often ambushed unexpectedly. Whilst most of the time he takes it in good humour you may see Bandit teaching Archie a lesson if his patience gets worn!