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Bandit was a male cat with attitude. He joined us from a rescue centre when he was just 3 months old and lived to the ripe old age of 15. He liked nothing more than to stretch out in the sun and would purr at the drop of a hat. Eventually his heart condition and then kidney failure meant it was kinder to allow him to end his life peacefully in his basket dreaming of sunny days.


Archie is a male cat born in 2014. We found him at the side of a country road, bedraggled and cold at the age of around 6 weeks. We think he may have been a kitten from a farm cat and had strayed off. Fed four hourly on cows milk he was eventually weaned onto cat food and has turned into a lovable and lately very lazy cat. His best friend was Bandit who was often ambushed unexpectedly. Whilst most of the time Bandit took it in good humour he occasionally taught Archie a lesson if his patience got worn!

Archie was devastated when Bandit passed away and hardly ate for around 6 weeks. We decide Archie needed a new play mate to keep him company and that was when Molly came on the scene. Although Molly tormented Archie and ambushed him at every opportunity they became great friends.

At the beginning of February 2023 we noticed that Archie was not himself. At first we thought he was just a bit off colour then he started following me everywhere constantly and wanting to sit on me all of the time whenever I sat down. I really felt that he was trying to tell me something. He started to rapidly lose weight even though he was eating and drinking OK and then became very lethargic. I booked him into the vets thinking he may have developed diabetes or overactive thyroid. Unfortunately a shock diagnosis told us he had a large mass in his stomach which showed after a scan it was going into his liver and was inoperable. We took Archie home for him to spend his last 24 hours with us before taking him back to be gently put to sleep. He is now over the cat rainbow with his best mate Bandit 

Molly is our miracle kitten, Her mum was a farm cat and Molly was born in May 2020. In May 2021 she was attacked by an unknown predator and was seriously ill to the point where the vets said it would be a miracle if she survived. She developed sepsis from the bite wounds which then caused her skin to break down and she lost all of her fur from her neck down to her tail exposing her raw flesh underneath. She was on a morphine and kenalog drip for weeks as well as a cocktail of antibiotics. The local vets were consulting with other vets around the country as to how they could save her and save her they did. With their time and dedication and Molly's true grit to pull through she survived and the only evidence of her experience are the little scars that can be seen running through her fur, which has now grown back fully. Her traumatic experience has not put her off exploring and she can often be seen sitting on the fence looking into the field below for evidence of mouses!

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