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The final goodbye.........

This week has been a very sad week when we finally said goodbye to our beloved cat Bandit. Looking back through my blog posts I was surprised to see it was April last year when we thought we were going to lose him but being the stubborn little character he was we were lucky enough to enjoy nearly another 12 months of spending time with him.

He has enjoyed his time in our new home, exploring the fields, sitting alongside our B&B guests in the sunshine and doing a lot of sleeping in his basket and at equivalent to around age 76 in human years I think that is allowed.

Last week he went rapidly down hill over a few days where he gave up eating and drinking and the slightest syringe of water made him violently sick. We think he was in kidney failure and also his heart was giving up.We hoped he would go quietly in his basket but after a few days we felt it was kinder for him to be put to sleep so on Thursday 28th Feb I took him to the vets where he quietly passed away.

Our other cat Archie seems a bit bewildered by it all and for the first few days wandered around the house searching for Bandit and is in need of lots of company and hugs at the moment.

We may look at getting another kitten in the future but Bandit will be a very hard act to follow so for now we will reminisce over his antics and his little traits and remember him with lots of affection.

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