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Time to say goodbye.....

This week has been a week of goodbyes. After eight weeks the builders have moved out. It's quite amazing what has been achieved in two months and we are very pleased with the renovations. The house seems eerily quiet as at one point we had nine contractors in the house all working on various jobs. The kettle is now virtually redundant and my shopping bill significantly less due to not having to replenish the biscuit tin daily! but I do miss the chats over a brew learning about their families and their life in general. I suppose I can liken it a bit to empty nest syndrome, when your children leave and silence descends on the house. It does however mean that the rooms are ready to be dressed and for the furniture to go in and for me this is the exciting part. We started yesterday and hope to be finished today so photos will be on our website by tonight.

I also said goodbye to a work colleague. Her husband has been made redundant so they are turning a negative into a positive and doing something they have always wanted to do. They have bought a motor home with the redundancy money and are off to explore Britain and Europe. It was a big decision for them as she is giving up a job and the redundancy money could have seen them comfortably into their retirement but where is the fun in that? Sometimes we all have to take a risk in life and live the dream, and I applaud them for doing that. I am sure they will have a fantastic times and lots of wonderful memories to take into their old age.

And finally, not quite goodbye but we are preparing ourselves for the inevitable. Bandit our 14 year old cat is finally running out of steam. He has been very lethargic the last couple of days, not as interested in his food and drinking lots of water so I took him to the vet yesterday. She said he appeared to be going into kidney failure, in addition to his heart murmur he now had an arrhythmia which was probably what was making him tired and he also had what looked like an infected tooth which could explain his reluctance to eat. Trying to resolve these health problems is too risky because of his heart condition so I have some pain killers for him for his tooth and now it is a case of making the remainder of his time with us as comfortable as possible. She did say she could do the deed yesterday but I am not ready for that and I don't think Bandit is either. He still has a bit more life in him yet.

The pain killers seem to be working as he seemed a bit perkier this morning and he has eaten a full bowl of food so still life in the old cat yet. ☺ Happy Sunday, until next week x

Bandit with his Christmas tie on

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