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Willow wands.....

We have had a lovely day out today at Bridgemere Garden Centre. I am always in awe of the gardeners who can select the right plants to complement each other and create stunning garden displays. How do they know these things?

I have planted up the odd pot or two but never a full garden display. As you may have read on one of my previous blogs, the property we have bought has come with a third of an acre of gravelled land. I won't say garden because there is no garden. Not a shrub, flower bed, blade of grass or tree to be seen. So we have an enormous task ahead to convert all of this gravel into a garden. My vision is for a lawn, raised planters for vegetable growing, a patio, a pond, a wild flower garden, a few trees for the birds and raised decking for our guests to relax on looking out over the fields and woodland.

So today I made a start. I have planted up 6 willow wands which I will use for screening part of the garden once they are established. (ever the optimist!) Apparently in 6 weeks I will have something that resembles a willow tree that I can shape and prune to my hearts content. We shall see! I will keep you posted.

Until next time.... Happy Sunday x

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