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There is something very cathartic about writing a blog. Putting your thoughts down on paper. Recording the good and the bad. A record of all that has happened in your life. Well not all, there are some things that I would not share in a blog!

As a child I had one of those lockable 5 year diaries with the little gold key and I would write down the events of the day. Reading them back it makes me smile how some of the events of the time were as I put it 'the worst day of my life.' Normally to do with breaking friends with someone or tripping over in front of the coolest boy in the school.

It has been proven that there are psychological benefits of keeping a journal or diary. it is the one place where you can write down your thoughts, any thoughts at all and you will not be judged or ridiculed.Looking back over your entries it can help you see if there is a pattern forming in your life and can also help you to understand yourself better.

Why am I talking about this? On Tuesday evening this week the final episode of 7 up is on. This is a series that started in 1964 a year after I was born and it follows the lives of British children from different areas of the UK starting from the age of 7. Every 7 years their story so far is documented. It covers their dreams and ambitions and questions whether you can map out your life to happen as you want it to. It makes for fascinating viewing and on Tuesday night we revisit the last seven years from age 56 to 63.

ITV have said this is the last series they would ever make of this type of documentary and as I thought why this would be, I assumed it was because we now have social media. Whereas back in the 60s, 70s and even 80s the only way we could find out about a person was to ask around or look through journal archives, today we only have to type a name into Facebook or Google and pretty soon you will be able to find some information about a person, so why wait seven years when you can find out today.

The problem I have with that is it is not the full picture. With 7 up you see events that have happened in their lives warts and all. One of the participants was for a period homeless, living on the streets of Scotland. Would you post that on your Facebook page? Whilst Facebook has its uses it also portrays a shiny happy world where everyone is having a wonderful time eating out, on holiday, celebrating a birthday with lots of friends. Whilst this is lovely to share, we also need to inform the younger generation that this is only part of life. That there are ups and downs. Bad things happen. People become homeless, lose jobs, relationships break down. People are unhappy from time to time. All the things we don't post on social media.

So on Tuesday evening I will be watching 7 up with interest. I haven't googled any of it to try and get a sneak preview. I want to settle down the old fashioned way and see how the last seven years has panned out for these individuals who I feel I have grown up alongside. If you are interested, programmes from the series of 7 up are on You Tube so you can watch from the beginning their lives unfold.

Now I am off to make a tea loaf for my guests! Until next week..... Happy Sunday x

Jackie, Lynn and Sue - 7 Up

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