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Count your blessings...

What a beautiful sunny weekend it has been so far and set to continue . I wasn't sure what I was going to write about this week.

It has been a really busy week, not without it's fair share of problems. I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster. We had not hot water or heating for nearly a week. Eventually it was sorted and was a simple wiring problem. A local delivery building firm misjudged our gate entrance when delivering wood and splintered one of our 'robust' wooden gate posts. I had bought the wrong catches for the guest bathroom doors so they couldn't be finished . The lovely circular mirrors I bought for the guest bathrooms can't be fitted as the water pipes run directly central to the basin tap just where we need to drill a hole to hang the mirrors! so I will have to exchange them for square ones. I had seen the crockery I wanted to buy to use for breakfast for the guests but when I went to buy it last week it is being discontinued and there wasn't enough left for me to have a full set. The door we had bought for the entrance into the guest hall way won't fit due to the level of the threshold into the hall. The list goes on. and as I sit her thinking of everything that has gone wrong this week, this photo pops up on my Facebook feed.

How humbling.

Even though I have no instant hot water I can boil a kettle to have a wash. That I have wooden gate posts when some don't have wood to build a house. That I have not one but four bathrooms, What does it matter if the locks don't fit or the mirror is the wrong shape or that the issue is not about having enough food to eat but what colour plates I want to put it on so back to my title for this week's blog, Count your blessings. Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Until next week x

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